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Major interests


  • Mites of the group Heterostigmata associated with insects living in wood and phloem - systematics, biology and ecology.
  • Systematics, ecology and biogeography primarily of mite family Tarsonemidae, but also Pyemotidae, Acarophenacidae, Dolichocybidae, Caraboacaridae and Podapolipidae (Acari: Heterostigmata).
  • Evolution of host races in mites - Eriophyoidea, Tetranychidae, and Tarsonemidae.
  • Fossil mites (Arachnida: Acari).
  • Biological on-line databases.
  • Systematics and phylogenetics in theory.


Current projects



  • Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education "Mites of the group Heterostigmata (Acari) associated with bark beetles on spruce in Poland (2005- 2008).
  • Polish Committee for Scientific Research "World revision of the mite genus Tarsonemus Canestrini et Fanzago 1876 (Acari: Tarsonemidae)"; 1996- 1999.
  • Fauna Europaea database project (part of 5th EU Framework Programme 1998-2002 "Energy, environment and sustainable development"); 2000-2004 (co laborer - group coordinator in Acari- Acariformes).




  • Nagroda Indywidualna II st. Rektora UAM 2003
  • Research expeditions:
    • Mongolia 2000
    • Argentina, Chile, Uruguay 2006


International cooperation


  • USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station, Pineville, Lousiana (USA); dr John. C. Moser- roztocze współwystępujące z kornikami z gat. Dendroctonus frontalis i innymi w południowej części USA,
  • National Scientific Center- Nikita Botanical Gardens, Department of Agroecology Yalta, Crimea (Ukraina)- dr A.A. Khaustov- roztocze współwystępujące z kornikami na Ukrainie i w zachodniej Rosji,
  • Università degli Studi di Foggia - Facoltà di Agraria (Włochy)- Prof. A. Di Palma- anatomia i systematyka roztoczy z rodziny Tarsonemidae (Acari: Heterostigmata).